Happy 4th of July!


Berry Berry easy mini fourth of july cakes

  • It’s not too late to plan something for your fourth of july BBQ or house party!!! If you’re on ‘emergency mode’ right now, and need a last minute dessert you might want to think about this cute tutorial for your party! 
  • You can buy a pre-made plain cake
  • You can buy pre-made frosting ….walmart is your friend :)
  • buy blueberries 
  • and all you have to do is cut the cake into mini squares 
  • ****make a pastry bag with a zip lock bag (yes you have one in your kitchen, just trust me) :D and that’s what you use for making the straight white flag stripes
  • SOOOO EASY, and so GENIUS! 


I’m away for the week, but please check out my other fourth of july recipes here. I’ll be in and out for quick check ins on tumblr but T’s me birthday and I’m also moving so I’m busy! sorry! Enjoy the Holiday!

(via ravishingdreams)